Get Out There! Boston's History of National Parks Museum


School: Wentworth Institute of Technology

With only two National Parks in Boston, Get Out There! aims to bring the experience and history of National Parks to those living and visiting the city. The goal is to design a museum with permanent and temporary exhibits, amenities, and bring a new experience to Boston. The design focuses on circulation, openness of space and material use to make the interior feel like a visit to a National Park and inspire users to Get Out There!

The design for Get Out There! will use grid organization to lay out and stack spaces. Three floors will be centralized around a support core while walls and stairs will form a designated route to guide visitors through exhibits with a variety of tactile, visual, and digital displays. The elements of sound, color, and space, along with materials inspired by the history and landscapes of the United States, will simulate the natural environment. The second level will be balanced on either side of the third floor, leading visitors to an experiential moment at the top of the stairs.

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Boston, Massachusetts