Submitted Projects

Building Repositioning / Building Amenities

  • full descriptionBR01 - Two Drydock

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson
  • full descriptionBR02 - 1200 Crown Colony

      Photos credit(s): Shanming Li
  • full descriptionBR03 - 121 Middle Street Lofts

      Photos credit(s): Charlie Edwards
  • full descriptionBR04 - 401 Park Repositioning

      Photos credit(s): Interiors: © Connie Zhou | Sculpture in Public Park: © Charles Mayer Photography Courtesy the artist / Anton Kern Gallery, New York © Nicole Eisenman
  • full descriptionBR05 - Falmouth Barn Home

      Photos credit(s): Francois Gagne
  • full descriptionBR06 - The Outlook at St. Gabriel’s Amenity Spaces

      Photos credit(s): (c) PILOT / Dennis Carroll
  • full descriptionBR07 - 139 Main Street

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography
  • full descriptionBR08 - 575 Madison Avenue

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography

Community & Culture

  • full descriptionCC01 - E.C. Scranton Memorial Library

      Photos credit(s): Greg Premru Photography
  • full descriptionCC02 - River Center Branch Library

      Photos credit(s): Tim Mueller
  • full descriptionCC03 - Roxbury Branch of the Boston Public Library Renovation

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl
  • full descriptionCC04 - 165 Capitol Avenue

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography
  • full descriptionCC05 - The Frederick Gunn School, Thomas S. Perakos Arts and Community Center

      Photos credit(s): The Firm's Internal Photographer

Education - Small

  • full descriptionE101 - Boston University Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground

      Photos credit(s): Shanklevision
  • full descriptionE102 - Medical School Student Learning Center

      Photos credit(s): Damianos Photography
  • full descriptionE103 - Roux Institute at Northeastern University

      Photos credit(s): Ryan Bent and Cliff Kucine
  • full descriptionE104 - Trinity Innovation Center

      Photos credit(s): The Firm's Internal Photographer

Education – Large

  • full descriptionE201 - Daniels Building

      Photos credit(s): 01: Michael Muraz, 02-05: Nic Lehoux, 06: Bob Gundu
  • full descriptionE202 - The Yards at Old State

      Photos credit(s): Taylor Photo
  • full descriptionE203 - King Open/Cambridge Street Upper Schools & Community Complex

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography
  • full descriptionE204 - Kate Furbish Elementary School

      Photos credit(s): Blind Dog Photography
  • full descriptionE205 - Endicott College Academic Center

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl Architectural Photography

Health & Wellness

  • full descriptionHW01 - Drive Custom Fit

      Photos credit(s): flaunt boston
  • full descriptionHW02 - Solinsky Center for Cancer Care at the Elliot

      Photos credit(s): David Pires Photography
  • full descriptionHW03 - Eastway Regional Recreation Center

      Photos credit(s): © Peter Brentlinger
  • full descriptionHW04 - Maine Plastic Surgery

      Photos credit(s): CHA Architecture, P.C.
  • full descriptionHW05 - BKBX

      Photos credit(s): Aaron Usher
  • full descriptionHW06 - Counseling & Psychological Services and Health Services

      Photos credit(s): Rue Sakayama
  • full descriptionHW07 - DeMakes Family YMCA

      Photos credit(s): Bill Horsman Photography
  • full descriptionHW08 - Auerbach Center at Boston Landing

      Photos credit(s): © Robert Benson
  • full descriptionHW09 - Lahey Lifestyle Health Center

      Photos credit(s): Meggie Booth
  • full descriptionHW10 - Dana-Farber Cancer Institute – Chestnut Hill

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography
  • full descriptionHW11 - Pomerleau Family YMCA

      Photos credit(s): Ryan Bent

Hospitality – Hotel/Lodging

  • full descriptionHH01 - Canopy Portland Waterfront

      Photos credit(s): Greg Premu & Jamie Mercurio
  • full descriptionHH02 - White Elephant Palm Beach

      Photos credit(s): © Chi-Thien Nguyen / architecture firm
  • full descriptionHH03 - Hammetts Hotel

      Photos credit(s): Warren Jagger Photography, Inc.
  • full descriptionHH04 - Grand Hyatt Al Khobar 

      Photos credit(s): Abdulrahman Aljabri
  • full descriptionHH05 - The Glen House Hotel at Mount Washington

      Photos credit(s): Leslie Brienza

Hospitality – Restaurant/Retail

Residential Multi-unit

  • full descriptionRM01 - The Smith

      Photos credit(s): @Ed Wonsek Art Works, Inc.
  • full descriptionRM02 - The Caldwell

      Photos credit(s): Matt Surette Photography
  • full descriptionRM03 - Radius

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl
  • full descriptionRM04 - 83 Gardner Street

      Photos credit(s): Bruce T. Martin Photography
  • full descriptionRM05 - WYSH House

      Photos credit(s): Jake Snyder / Red Skies Photography @redskiesphotography
  • full descriptionRM06 - Ora Seaport

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography
  • full descriptionRM07 - 500 Ocean Ave

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography
  • full descriptionRM08 - Osprey

      Photos credit(s): Joshua Bartolotti Photography
  • full descriptionRM09 - The Archer Residences

      Photos credit(s): Greg Premru Photography

Residential Private

  • full descriptionRP01 - Stoneview Barn + Spa

      Photos credit(s): Photos: Darren Setlow; Spa Styling: Patty Boone
  • full descriptionRP02 - Pulpit Rock

      Photos credit(s): Darren Setlow
  • full descriptionRP03 - Marlborough Townhouse 2

      Photos credit(s): Bob O'Connor
  • full descriptionRP04 - Back Bay Townhouse

      Photos credit(s): Michael Stavaridis
  • full descriptionRP05 - Villa Varoise

      Photos credit(s): John Horner
  • full descriptionRP06 - Ledge House

      Photos credit(s): Michael J. Lee (3, 5) & Ennis (1, 2, 4, 6)
  • full descriptionRP07 - The Bottling Plant

      Photos credit(s): Samara Vise

Science & Research – Large

  • full descriptionS201 - Confidential Client R&D Headquarters

      Photos credit(s): Chuck Choi
  • full descriptionS202 - Foghorn Therapeutics

      Photos credit(s): Elisif Photography
  • full descriptionS203 - Scholar Rock

      Photos credit(s): Elisif Photography
  • full descriptionS204 - Thrive

      Photos credit(s): Christopher Goldthwaite

Science & Research – Small

  • full descriptionS101 - Kronos Bio

      Photos credit(s): Christopher Goldthwaite
  • full descriptionS102 - Waters Corporation – Immerse Innovation and Research Lab

      Photos credit(s): Raj Das
  • full descriptionS103 - Jnana Therapeutics

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl
  • full descriptionS104 - Affinivax

      Photos credit(s): Elisif Photography
  • full descriptionS105 - Confidential Client Tenant Improvement

      Photos credit(s): Carly Gills Photography

Senior Living

Student Housing


Workspace 20,000-40,000sf

  • full descriptionW201 - Valo

      Photos credit(s): Andy Ryan
  • full descriptionW202 - WinnResidential

      Photos credit(s): Darrin Hunter
  • full descriptionW203 - Forcepoint Cyber Experience Center

      Photos credit(s): Mike Worthington
  • full descriptionW204 - Frequency Therapeutics

      Photos credit(s): Trent Bell
  • full descriptionW205 - TA Realty

      Photos credit(s): Bruce Martin
  • full descriptionW206 - Spectra Medical Devices Headquarters

      Photos credit(s): Kymberlee Bergstresser
  • full descriptionW207 - Analysis Group – New York

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography
  • full descriptionW208 - Cambridge Mobile Telematics

      Photos credit(s): Raj Das
  • full descriptionW209 - Charles River Associates/Boston Expansion

      Photos credit(s): © Adrian Wilson
  • full descriptionW210 - Silversmith Capital Partners Headquarters

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson
  • full descriptionW211 - 216 Mass Ave, Phase 2, Levels 1 and 2 Renovation

      Photos credit(s): Chuck Choi
  • full descriptionW212 - Brown University Department of Computing and Information Services (CIS) Workspace

      Photos credit(s): Heidi Gumula - DBVW Architects
  • full descriptionW213 - Murtha Cullina Law Firm

      Photos credit(s): The Firm's Internal Photographer

Workspace 40,000-80,000 SF

  • full descriptionW301 - Meketa Investment Group

      Photos credit(s): Bruce Martin
  • full descriptionW302 - Hogan Lovells

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography
  • full descriptionW303 - CBRE

      Photos credit(s): © Connie Zhou
  • full descriptionW304 - Biotech Organization Workplace

      Photos credit(s): Chuck Choi Architectural Photography
  • full descriptionW305 - Workers Credit Union Headquarters

      Photos credit(s): Greg Premru, Greg Premru Photography
  • full descriptionW306 - Amundi

      Photos credit(s): Trent Bell
  • full descriptionW307 - WIN Waste Innovations Headquarters

      Photos credit(s): JS Photography
  • full descriptionW308 - Boston Beer Company

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl Architectural Photography

Workspace Over 80,000sf

  • full descriptionW401 - International Data Group, Inc. (IDG)

      Photos credit(s): Andy Ryan
  • full descriptionW402 - Citizens Bank

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson
  • full descriptionW403 - MathWorks AH2 Renovation

      Photos credit(s): Garrett Rowland
  • full descriptionW404 - Olympus Corporation

      Photos credit(s): Richard Hilgendorff
  • full descriptionW405 - National Grid Brooklyn Relocation

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson
  • full descriptionW406 - WEX Global Headqaurters

      Photos credit(s): Trent Bell
  • full descriptionW407 - Boston Dynamics

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl Architectural Photography
  • full descriptionW408 - BerryDunn New Corporate Headquarters

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl

Workspace Under 20,000SF

  • full descriptionW101 - Workbar Needham

      Photos credit(s): Samara Vise
  • full descriptionW102 - Veson Nautical

      Photos credit(s): Flaunt Boston
  • full descriptionW103 - OneDigital

      Photos credit(s): Jake Snyder / Red Skies Photography @redskiesphotography
  • full descriptionW104 - Engelberth Construction, Inc. Headquarters Renovation

      Photos credit(s): Ryan Bent
  • full descriptionW105 - Confidential Health Insurance Company Executive Suite

      Photos credit(s): Ron Blunt
  • full descriptionW106 - Unity Technologies

      Photos credit(s): David Pires
  • full descriptionW107 - Connecticut Innovations

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography