Submitted Projects

Building Repositioning / Building Amenities

  • full descriptionBR01 - One Financial Center

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl
  • full descriptionBR02 - Two Freedom Lobby – Reston Town Center

      Photos credit(s): Jeremy Bittermann
  • full descriptionBR03 - 2 Drydock Amenity Space

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson
  • full descriptionBR04 - 25 Spinelli

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl, Flaunt Boston
  • full descriptionBR05 - Lincoln St Lobby

      Photos credit(s): Jared Kuzia

Community & Culture

  • full descriptionCC01 - York Judicial Center

      Photos credit(s): Raj Das
  • full descriptionCC02 - Spectrum Youth Services Drop-In Center

      Photos credit(s): Lindsay Raymondjack Photography
  • full descriptionCC03 - 317 Main Community Music Center

      Photos credit(s): Ben Gancsos

Conscientious Design

  • full descriptionCD01 - NanoMosaic

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl
  • full descriptionCD02 - The Baker Center for Children and Families

      Photos credit(s): Sarah Farkas

Education – Large (over 50,000 sf)

  • full descriptionE101 - Boston Arts Academy

      Photos credit(s): Copyright Robert Benson
  • full descriptionE102 - Boardwalk Campus

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography; Ed Wonsek
  • full descriptionE103 - Wachenheim Science Center

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography
  • full descriptionE104 - Unity Hall

      Photos credit(s): © Robert Benson
  • full descriptionE105 - Lehigh University Singleton, Hitch, and Maida Residential Houses

      Photos credit(s): Jeremy Bittermann
  • full descriptionE106 - Winooski Schools

      Photos credit(s): Ryan Bent (Library) and Siri Blanchette (all others)
  • full descriptionE107 - Student Union Renovation

      Photos credit(s): Raj Das
  • full descriptionE108 - Tufts University Cummings Building

      Photos credit(s): Trent Bell

Education – Small (under 50,000 sf)

  • full descriptionE201 - Boston University Student and Behavioral Health Services

      Photos credit(s): Justin Galusha
  • full descriptionE202 - University of Massachusetts Amherst – Goessmann Hall Renovation

      Photos credit(s): Tracey Shankle, Betty Tan
  • full descriptionE203 - The Roux Institute at Northeastern University

      Photos credit(s): Photographer Ryan Bent
  • full descriptionE204 - Quinnipiac University Admissions Center

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography
  • full descriptionE205 - Lyseth Elementary School

      Photos credit(s): Siri Blanchette, Blind Dog Photo Associates
  • full descriptionE206 - University of Georgia – Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall Track and Field Renovation

      Photos credit(s): Rick Myers Photography

Health and Wellness - Large (Over 50,000 sf)

  • full descriptionHW201 - Brockton Behavioral Health Center

      Photos credit(s): Justin Galusha
  • full descriptionHW202 - Mass General Brigham Integrated Care Facility

      Photos credit(s): © Robert Benson
  • full descriptionHW203 - Brigham + Women’s Hospital – Emergency Department Expansion + Renovation

      Photos credit(s): Chuck Choi, Jonathan Tadiello
  • full descriptionHW204 - Tobey Hospital Emergency Department Expansion

      Photos credit(s): Flaunt Boston
  • full descriptionHW205 - the TRACK at new balance

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson

Health and Wellness - Small (Under 50,000 sf)

  • full descriptionHW101 - South Bay Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Clinic

      Photos credit(s): Justin Galusha
  • full descriptionHW102 - Al|Da Aesthetics

      Photos credit(s): Lightshed Photography
  • full descriptionHW103 - FIXT

      Photos credit(s): Sabrina Cole Quinn Photography
  • full descriptionHW104 - Plastic Surgery of Southern New England

      Photos credit(s): Bruce Martin
  • full descriptionHW105 - High Watch Recovery Center

      Photos credit(s): Bryan Page of Page Photography, LLC
  • full descriptionHW106 - Cohen Center

      Photos credit(s): Amber Jane Barricman

Hospitality – Hotel/Lodging

  • full descriptionHH01 - Mills House Charleston – Curio Collection by Hilton

      Photos credit(s): Julie Soefer
  • full descriptionHH02 - Cambria Hotel Portland Downtown Old Port

      Photos credit(s): Choice Hotels International, Inc
  • full descriptionHH03 - The LaSalle Chicago | Autograph Collection

      Photos credit(s): Anthony Tahlier

Hospitality – Play

  • full descriptionHE01 - Firefly at Boynton Yards

      Photos credit(s): Sabrina Cole Quinn Photography
  • full descriptionHE02 - MIT Press Bookstore

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl

Hospitality – Restaurant

Residential Multi-unit

Residential Private

  • full descriptionRP01 - Shelburne Pond Home

      Photos credit(s): Ryan Bent Photography
  • full descriptionRP02 - Chatham House

      Photos credit(s): Chris Cooper
  • full descriptionRP03 - Teton Mountain House

      Photos credit(s): Krafty Photos, Aaron Kraft
  • full descriptionRP04 - Miter Point

      Photos credit(s): Greg Premru
  • full descriptionRP05 - King’s Way

      Photos credit(s): Sean Litchfield
  • full descriptionRP06 - Gossamer on the Water

      Photos credit(s): Irvin Serrano, Irvin Serrano Photography
  • full descriptionRP07 - Luxury Modern Farmhouse Design – Old Barn Addition and Renovation

      Photos credit(s): Flylisted

Science & Research – Large (over 50,0000 sf)

  • full descriptionSR101 - Sanofi Pharmaceuticals Workspace with “Science on Display”

      Photos credit(s): Shelly Harrison
  • full descriptionSR102 - Entrada Therapeutics HQ

      Photos credit(s): Raj Das Photography
  • full descriptionSR103 - The Engine

      Photos credit(s): © Connie Zhou
  • full descriptionSR104 - Strand Therapeutics

      Photos credit(s): Warren Patterson Photography
  • full descriptionSR105 - 95 Greene Street

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson
  • full descriptionSR106 - LabCentral, BioProcess Center

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl
  • full descriptionSR107 - Confidential Client

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl
  • full descriptionSR108 - CRISPR Therapeutics

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl

Science & Research – Small (under 50,000 sf)

  • full descriptionSR201 - Office Expansion for Enanta Pharmaceuticals

      Photos credit(s): Warren Patterson
  • full descriptionSR202 - Forma Therapeutics Headquarters

      Photos credit(s): Shelly Harrison
  • full descriptionSR203 - Landmark Bio

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography
  • full descriptionSR204 - Ginkgo Bioworks7

      Photos credit(s): Sabrina Cole Quinn Photography
  • full descriptionSR205 - ElevateBio

      Photos credit(s): © Connie Zhou
  • full descriptionSR206 - MOMA Therapeutics R&D Headquarters

      Photos credit(s): Sri Thumati
  • full descriptionSR207 - Remix Therapeutics

      Photos credit(s): Trent Bell Photography
  • full descriptionSR208 - PepGen Headquarters

      Photos credit(s): Trent Bell Photography
  • full descriptionSR209 - Jnana Therapeutics

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl
  • full descriptionSR210 - Affini-T Therapeutics

      Photos credit(s): ©David Pires Photography
  • full descriptionSR211 - Arsenal Fit-Out

      Photos credit(s): Elisif Photography

Senior Living

  • full descriptionSL01 - River Mills Assisted Living at Chicopee Falls

      Photos credit(s): Eric Brownstein Photography
  • full descriptionSL02 - Madrona Grove | Rose Villa

      Photos credit(s): David Papazian Photography – Portland, OR

Student Housing

Workspace - Large (Over 80,000 sf)

  • full descriptionW101 - Confidential Technology Company

      Photos credit(s): Flylisted
  • full descriptionW102 - L.L.Bean Headquarters

      Photos credit(s): Trent Bell is the photographer for photos 1-5. Ben Gancsos is the photographer for photo #6.
  • full descriptionW103 - Microsoft Two Freedom

      Photos credit(s): Connie Zhou
  • full descriptionW104 - MassMutual

      Photos credit(s): Eric Laignel
  • full descriptionW105 - Vistra, Royal Lane

      Photos credit(s): Rachel Kay Photography
  • full descriptionW106 - Klaviyo Headquarters

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson
  • full descriptionW107 - Confidential Professional Services Firm

      Photos credit(s): Darrin Hunter, Assoc. AIA - Senior Design Manager, Digital, Visual, Brand

Workspace – Medium (30,000 – 80,000 sf)

  • full descriptionW201 - Pegasystems Executive Briefing Center

      Photos credit(s): Chuck Choi
  • full descriptionW202 - Booking Holdings, Bucharest

      Photos credit(s): © Calin-Andrei Stan
  • full descriptionW203 - Confidential Workplace

      Photos credit(s): Richard Hawke Photography
  • full descriptionW204 - JLL at One Post Office Square

      Photos credit(s): © Connie Zhou
  • full descriptionW205 - Boston Celtics Front Office

      Photos credit(s): Robert Deitchler, Courtesy of Gensler
  • full descriptionW206 - PepsiCo Canadian Headquarters

      Photos credit(s): Jeremy Bittermann; Matthew Arielly, courtesy of Sasaki
  • full descriptionW207 - MullenLowe Group

      Photos credit(s): Andrew Bordwin
  • full descriptionW208 - Brightcove

      Photos credit(s): Shanming Li - Fusion Design Consultants, Inc.
  • full descriptionW209 - SimpliSafe Headquarters

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson
  • full descriptionW210 - Seventh Generation

      Photos credit(s): Greg Premru
  • full descriptionW211 - 125 Summer Street

      Photos credit(s): Ari Burling
  • full descriptionW212 - Boston Trust Walden

      Photos credit(s): Warren Patterson Photography
  • full descriptionW213 - Confidential Financial Firm

      Photos credit(s): Chuck Choi
  • full descriptionW214 - Education Development Center

      Photos credit(s): Chuck Choi Photography

Workspace – Small (Under 30,000 sf)

  • full descriptionW301 - College of Science Advising Center

      Photos credit(s): Justin Galusha
  • full descriptionW302 - Cometeer

      Photos credit(s): Lightshed Photography
  • full descriptionW303 - Global Architecture and Design Firm

      Photos credit(s): Sean Airhart
  • full descriptionW304 - Aura

      Photos credit(s): Richard Mandelkorn
  • full descriptionW305 - MPM BioImpact

      Photos credit(s): Flylisted
  • full descriptionW306 - Hospice of Southern Maine

      Photos credit(s): Photographer Trent Bell
  • full descriptionW307 - DivcoWest Workplace & Marketing Suite

      Photos credit(s): Caroline LeFevre, Courtesy of Gensler
  • full descriptionW308 - BioMed Realty Offices

      Photos credit(s): Trent Bell Photography
  • full descriptionW309 - Biomedical Research Company

      Photos credit(s): Siri Blanchette, Blind Dog Photo Associates
  • full descriptionW310 - Talcott Historic Tenant Fit Out

      Photos credit(s): Robert Umenhofer
  • full descriptionW311 - Northeast Bank

      Photos credit(s): Shanming Li - Fusion Design Consultants, Inc.
  • full descriptionW312 - Asset Management Firm

      Photos credit(s): Lenny Christopher
  • full descriptionW313 - Creative Office Resources, Furniture Showroom

      Photos credit(s): Raj Das
  • full descriptionW314 - Cambridge Consultants

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson