Submitted Projects

Building Repositioning / Building Amenities

  • full descriptionBR01 - 10 Wilson and 25 Spinelli at The Quad

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl
  • full descriptionBR02 - Harvard University Soldiers Field Park

      Photos credit(s): Oren Sherman
  • full descriptionBR03 - 260 Franklin Street – Building Repositioning

      Photos credit(s): Trent Bell
  • full descriptionBR04 - Seaport West Lobby Repositioning

      Photos credit(s): Trent Bell
  • full descriptionBR05 - One Boston Place – Building Repositioning

      Photos credit(s): Jared Kuzia
  • full descriptionBR06 - Kendall Square Dining Hall

      Photos credit(s): Chuck Choi Architectural Photography
  • full descriptionBR07 - 43 Foundry

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl Photography

Community & Culture

  • full descriptionCC01 - Worcester Public Library Children’s Room

      Photos credit(s): Warren Jagger
  • full descriptionCC02 - Boston Engagement Center

      Photos credit(s): Christian Phillips

Education – Large (over 50,000 sf)

  • full descriptionE101 - Saugus Middle High School

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography
  • full descriptionE102 - Francis X. and Nancy Hursey Center for Advanced Engineering and Health Professions

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography
  • full descriptionE103 - Miguel B. Fernandez Family Center for Innovation and Collaborative Learning

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl
  • full descriptionE104 - Hildreth Elementary School

      Photos credit(s): Horne Visuals, Arrowstreet
  • full descriptionE105 - Applied Innovation Hub at CCSU

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography

Education – Small (under 50,000 sf)

  • full descriptionE201 - The Lawrenceville School Gruss Center for Art and Design

      Photos credit(s): Jane Messinger
  • full descriptionE202 - One Constitution Wharf MGH Institute of Health Professions

      Photos credit(s): Alex Case
  • full descriptionE203 - Countway Library Renovation

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography

Health & Wellness

  • full descriptionHW01 - Bristol Hospital Emergency Department Addition

      Photos credit(s): Elisif Brandon | Elisif Photography
  • full descriptionHW02 - Colby College Harold Alfond Athletics and Recreation Center

      Photos credit(s): Jeremy Bittermann (1, 2, 4, 6), Matthew Arielly (3, 5)
  • full descriptionHW03 - Cherry Blossom PACE Center

      Photos credit(s): CPI Productions
  • full descriptionHW04 - Glickman Lauder Center of Excellence in Autism and Developmental Disorders

      Photos credit(s): Ben Gancsos Photography
  • full descriptionHW05 - Jefferson House – Hitchcock Wing Renovations

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography
  • full descriptionHW06 - Mass General Brigham Imaging Assembly Row

      Photos credit(s): Warren Jagger Photography
  • full descriptionHW07 - Maine Veterans’ Home Augusta

      Photos credit(s): C.A. Smith Photography
  • full descriptionHW08 - Brain, Mind, and Behavior Center at Boston Children’s Brookline

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson
  • full descriptionHW09 - YMCA of the North Shore – Glen T. MacLeod Cape Ann YMCA

      Photos credit(s): Marshall Dackert
  • full descriptionHW10 - VA Portland Community-Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC)

      Photos credit(s): ©Anton Grassl Architectural Photography
  • full descriptionHW11 - Southern Maine Health Care Behavioral Healthcare Units

      Photos credit(s): Warren Patterson Photography

Hospitality – Entertainment

Hospitality – Hotel/Lodging

Hospitality – Restaurant

  • full descriptionHR01 - Tree House Brewing Company – Deerfield

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl Photography
  • full descriptionHR02 - Black Lamb

      Photos credit(s): Reagan Byrne Photography
  • full descriptionHR03 - Bar Volpe

      Photos credit(s): Nat Rea Photography
  • full descriptionHR04 - Wusong Road

      Photos credit(s): Bob O'Connor
  • full descriptionHR05 - Omni Mount Washington

      Photos credit(s): Jim Westphalen

Hospitality – Retail & Experiential

  • full descriptionHX01 - Wilson NYC Pop-Up Museum + Retail Experience Store

      Photos credit(s): Richard Cadan Photography
  • full descriptionHX02 - High Street Place

      Photos credit(s): Richard Cadan

Residential Multi-unit

Residential Private

  • full descriptionRP01 - Beacon Courtyard TH

      Photos credit(s): Trent Bell Photography
  • full descriptionRP02 - Confidential Client – Cape Ann

      Photos credit(s): Jared Kuzia for This Old House
  • full descriptionRP03 - Whale’s Pod

      Photos credit(s): Darren Setlow
  • full descriptionRP04 - Sunset Hill

      Photos credit(s): Michael J. Lee

Science & Research – Large (over 50,0000 sf)

  • full descriptionSR101 - Bonney Science Center

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography
  • full descriptionSR102 - The Children’s National Research & Innovation Campus

      Photos credit(s): Halkin Mason Photography
  • full descriptionSR103 - Codiak BioSciences Headquarters

      Photos credit(s): ©David Pires Photography
  • full descriptionSR104 - Vertex Pharmaceuticals – The Jeffery Leiden Center (ISQ2)

      Photos credit(s): Andy Ryan
  • full descriptionSR105 - Confidential Research and Innovation Center

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl

Science & Research – Small (under 50,000 sf)

  • full descriptionSR201 - Dyno Therapeutics

      Photos credit(s): Trent Bell
  • full descriptionSR202 - Lab and Supporting Office: GCP Advanced Technologies

      Photos credit(s): Carly Gillis of Carly Gillis Photography
  • full descriptionSR203 - Nuance Customer Experience Center

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson
  • full descriptionSR204 - Lab and Supporting Office: Modalis Therapeutics

      Photos credit(s): Gerry Evelyn of Evelyn Images
  • full descriptionSR205 - CRISPR Therapeutics – Framingham Manufacturing Facility

      Photos credit(s): Warren Patterson
  • full descriptionSR206 - 645 Summer Street

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl
  • full descriptionSR207 - Dewpoint Therapeutics at 451 D Street

      Photos credit(s): Keitaro Yoshioka

Student Housing

  • full descriptionSH01 - UnCommon Flagstaff

      Photos credit(s): Matt Winquist Photography
  • full descriptionSH02 - The York

      Photos credit(s): Darris Lee Harris Photography
  • full descriptionSH03 - Eastern Connecticut State University – Shafer Hall Renovations

      Photos credit(s): Jared Kuzia

Workspace – Large (over 80,000 sf)

  • full descriptionW101 - iRobot Headquarters

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson
  • full descriptionW102 - Analog Devices, Inc. World Headquarters – Engineering Research & Manufacturing Center

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography
  • full descriptionW103 - Confidential Tech Client

      Photos credit(s): Connie Zhou
  • full descriptionW104 - Verizon at The Hub

      Photos credit(s): Connie Zhou
  • full descriptionW105 - Bright Horizons

      Photos credit(s): © Robert Deitchler / Gensler
  • full descriptionW106 - Foley Hoag

      Photos credit(s): Evan Joseph
  • full descriptionW107 - IDEXX Laboratories, Incorporated – Synergy East

      Photos credit(s): Blind Dog Photo Associates
  • full descriptionW108 - Manulife/John Hancock

Workspace – Medium (30,000 – 80,000 sf)

Workspace – Small (under 30,000 sf)

  • full descriptionW301 - Workplace/Office Renovation: GSK

      Photos credit(s): Carly Gillis of Carly Gillis Photography
  • full descriptionW302 - Groma

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl
  • full descriptionW303 - Ten Percent Happier Headquarters

      Photos credit(s): Jane Messinger
  • full descriptionW304 - M/C Partners

      Photos credit(s): © Robert Deitchler / Gensler
  • full descriptionW305 - Hartford Steam Boiler 8th Floor

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography
  • full descriptionW306 - Steward Health Care International Headquarters in Madrid, Spain

      Photos credit(s): Zangano Media
  • full descriptionW307 - Portland Design-Build Firm Offices

      Photos credit(s): Trent Bell