Submitted Projects

Building Repositioning / Building Amenities

  • full descriptionBR01 - Center Plaza

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl
  • full descriptionBR02 - 7 Post Office Square

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl
  • full descriptionBR03 - The Exchange at 100 Federal

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl (01, 05); Chuck Choi (02, 03, 06)
  • full descriptionBR04 - Riverwalk West Apartments

      Photos credit(s): Trentbell Photography
  • full descriptionBR05 - One Broadway Lobby

      Photos credit(s): © Adrian Wilson
  • full descriptionBR06 - Summer Street Lobby

      Photos credit(s): Nicole Franzen
  • full descriptionBR07 - 99 High Street

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography
  • full descriptionBR08 - 33 Arch Street

      Photos credit(s): Trent Bell
  • full descriptionBR09 - 75 Station Landing

      Photos credit(s): Greg Premru

Community & Culture

  • full descriptionCC01 - Massachusetts State Senate Chamber

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl
  • full descriptionCC02 - Jay and Susie Gogue Performing Arts Center

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson
  • full descriptionCC03 - Weston Art & Innovation Center

      Photos credit(s): Neil Alexander
  • full descriptionCC04 - Cathedral of the Holy Cross

      Photos credit(s): © Robert Benson


  • full descriptionED01 - Pope Francis Preparatory School

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography
  • full descriptionED02 - Snyder Center

      Photos credit(s): Chuck Choi (01, 02, 03, 04, 06); Andy Caulfield (05)
  • full descriptionED03 - Middlesex School – Bass Arts Pavilion and Danoff Center for the Visual Arts

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography
  • full descriptionED04 - Pence Union Building

      Photos credit(s): Kevin Scott
  • full descriptionED05 - Billerica Memorial High School

      Photos credit(s): Chuck Choi
  • full descriptionED06 - Emerson College Student Dining Center

      Photos credit(s): © Peter Vanderwarker
  • full descriptionED07 - St. Timothy’s School, The Gerry Sisters Five Arts and Student Center

      Photos credit(s): Alain Jaramillo Photography
  • full descriptionED08 - Rockwell Integrated Sciences Center

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography
  • full descriptionED09 - Belmont Day School Barn

      Photos credit(s): John Horner Photography
  • full descriptionED10 - Yale Law School Baker Hall

      Photos credit(s): John Muggenborg Photography
  • full descriptionED11 - Stonehill College, Leo J. Meehan School of Business

      Photos credit(s): Paul Burk Photography
  • full descriptionED12 - Sanford High School & Technical Center

      Photos credit(s): Blind Dog Photo Associates
  • full descriptionED13 - Rhode Island College Craig-Lee Hall

      Photos credit(s): Nat Rea


  • full descriptionHC01 - Iora Primary Care

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl Architectural Photography
  • full descriptionHC02 - University of Vermont Medical Center Miller Building

      Photos credit(s): Jim Westphalen Photography
  • full descriptionHC03 - Retail Pharmacy

      Photos credit(s): Jason Nicastro
  • full descriptionHC04 - Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly

      Photos credit(s): Alex Case
  • full descriptionHC05 - Banner University Medical Center New Patient Tower and Renovations

      Photos credit(s): Jeremy Bittermann
  • full descriptionHC06 - Saco River Dentistry

      Photos credit(s): Blind Dog Photo Associates
  • full descriptionHC07 - Lake Placid Health and Medical Fitness Center

      Photos credit(s): Ryan Bent Photography
  • full descriptionHC08 - Reliant Medical Group Rebuilding an Ambulatory Care Network – Leominster Phase 2

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl Architectural Photography
  • full descriptionHC09 - Health and Wellness Center

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography

Hospitality – Hotel/Lodging

  • full descriptionHH01 - AC Hotel Portsmouth Downtown Waterfront

      Photos credit(s): JS Photography
  • full descriptionHH02 - Cambria Hotel Boston

      Photos credit(s): photos 1-4: Erin McDonald; photos 5-6: Peter Vanderwarker
  • full descriptionHH03 - The Revolution Hotel

      Photos credit(s): Photos 1,3-6: Robert Benson Photography; Photo 2: Elisif Brandon
  • full descriptionHH04 - Whitney Hotel Boston

      Photos credit(s): James Baigrie

Hospitality – Restaurant/Retail

  • full descriptionHR01 - Tavern of Tales

      Photos credit(s): Joseph Ferraro Photography
  • full descriptionHR02 - Samuel Adams Cincinnati Taproom

      Photos credit(s): Richard Cadan Photography
  • full descriptionHR03 - Wrangler x Fred Segal

      Photos credit(s): Lawrence Anderson Photography, Inc.
  • full descriptionHR04 - CRACK’D Kitchen & Coffee

      Photos credit(s): Phase Zero Design
  • full descriptionHR05 - Nouria Energy: Logan Airport Convenience and Filling Center

      Photos credit(s): Joe Ferraro
  • full descriptionHR06 - B-Natural Kitchen

      Photos credit(s): Samara Vise
  • full descriptionHR07 - Time Out Market Boston

      Photos credit(s): Jared Kuzia
  • full descriptionHR08 - Shore Leave + No Relation

      Photos credit(s): Bob O'Connor Photography
  • full descriptionHR09 - Southern Proper

      Photos credit(s): photos 1-3: Peter Vanderwarker; photos 4-6: Sarah Storrer

Research Lab

Residential Private

Residential Multi-unit

Senior Living

  • full descriptionSL01 - Adelaide of Newton Centre

      Photos credit(s): Eric Roth
  • full descriptionSL02 - Southington Care Center Reception Area and Nurses’ Station

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography

Student Housing

  • full descriptionSH01 - Williams College Garfield House

      Photos credit(s): Eric Levin
  • full descriptionSH02 - Yale Law School Baker Hall: Student Housing

      Photos credit(s): John Muggenborg Photography

Workspace Under 20,000sf

  • full descriptionWS01 - Kayak

      Photos credit(s): Greg Premru
  • full descriptionWS02 - Kensho AI Lab

      Photos credit(s): Cody O'Loughlin
  • full descriptionWS03 - Markem-Imaje

      Photos credit(s): Greg Premru
  • full descriptionWS04 - Optum Ventures

      Photos credit(s): Matt Delphenich Photography
  • full descriptionWS05 - Mid-size Architectural Firm Headquarters Renovation & Expansion

      Photos credit(s): Darrin Hunter
  • full descriptionWS06 - Infinity Pharmaceuticals

      Photos credit(s): Darrin Hunter
  • full descriptionWS07 - Tiptree

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography
  • full descriptionWS08 - Drizly Headquarters

      Photos credit(s): Matt Delphenich
  • full descriptionWS09 - Timberland Headquarters Central Plaza

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography
  • full descriptionWS10 - Anchor Capital Advisors LLC

      Photos credit(s): Greg Premru Photography Inc.
  • full descriptionWS11 - Workbar Back Bay

      Photos credit(s): Anton Grassl
  • full descriptionWS12 - Autodesk Workspace Expansion

      Photos credit(s): Chuck Choi

Workspace 20,000-80,000sf

  • full descriptionWM01 - Well-B Innovation Center

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography
  • full descriptionWM02 - Great Hill Partners

      Photos credit(s): Richard Mandelkorn
  • full descriptionWM03 - Analysis Group – Montreal

      Photos credit(s): Doublespace Photography
  • full descriptionWM04 - Cambridge Headquarters Expansion/Renovation

      Photos credit(s): Raj Das
  • full descriptionWM05 - Buildium

      Photos credit(s): Warren Patterson
  • full descriptionWM06 - Takeda

      Photos credit(s): Neil Alexander
  • full descriptionWM07 - Inari Agriculture

      Photos credit(s): Damianos Photography
  • full descriptionWM08 - Deciphera

      Photos credit(s): Ari Burling
  • full descriptionWM09 - Manufacturing Center of Excellence

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography
  • full descriptionWM10 - Aetna

      Photos credit(s): © Connie Zhou
  • full descriptionWM11 - Charles River Associates Chicago

      Photos credit(s): © Andrew Bordwin
  • full descriptionWM12 - Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals

      Photos credit(s): Elisif Photography
  • full descriptionWM13 - Automotive Technology Developer Headquarters

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography
  • full descriptionWM14 - Berkeley Research Group

      Photos credit(s): ROBERTO FARREN PHOTOGRAPHY
  • full descriptionWM15 - TitletownTech

      Photos credit(s): Ari Burling Photography
  • full descriptionWM16 - Virtus Investment Partners Headquarters

      Photos credit(s): Ari Burling Photography
  • full descriptionWM17 - Cambridge Biomarketing

      Photos credit(s): Photo 1: Benjamin Kou; Photos 2–5: John Horner; Photo 6: Matthew Arielly
  • full descriptionWM18 - Living Proof

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography
  • full descriptionWM19 - Geiger Corporate Office Renovation

      Photos credit(s): David Lamb Photography / Blind Dog Photo Associates
  • full descriptionWM20 - Financial Services Company Prototype Call Center

      Photos credit(s): All Photos: Edward Caruso

Workspace Over 80,000sf

  • full descriptionWL01 - Nixon Peabody

      Photos credit(s): Richard Mandelkorn
  • full descriptionWL02 - PTC

      Photos credit(s): Warren Patterson
  • full descriptionWL03 - Publicis Groupe

      Photos credit(s): © Eric Laignel
  • full descriptionWL04 - Suffolk Headquarters

      Photos credit(s): © Eric Laignel
  • full descriptionWL05 - Sarepta Therapeutics

      Photos credit(s): Andy Ryan Photography
  • full descriptionWL06 - Akamai Technologies Global Headquarters

      Photos credit(s): Photos 1, 2, and 4: Andy Caulfield; Photos 3, 5, and 6: Anton Grassl
  • full descriptionWL07 - Rapid7 Hub

      Photos credit(s): Robert Benson Photography