The Hive - Boutique Hotel

Student: Mariel Reyes

School: Paier College

The Hive is a boutique hotel where luxury meets nature. Inspired by the Mayan bee god, Ah Muzen Cab, and their belief in stingless bees and honey as the seed of life. The Hive Hotel embraces a profound connection with nature and human existence, offering a transcendent experience. Guests can relax and immerse themselves in a world where technology fades into the background, prioritizing connecting with nature creating everlasting memories.

Tulum, one of the last cities built by the Mayas, gained attention in the late 20th century as a retreat for backpackers. It’s known for sustainability and eco-friendly practices. According to legend, the bee god gifted honey to keep people healthy. Bees were vital to the Mayans for agriculture, honey, medicine, rituals, and the economy, showing their deep connection to nature.

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Tulum, Mexico