Workplace Design: Odyssey

Student: Anna Carter

School: Wentworth Institute of Technology

This individual Studio VI assignment was to create an ABW (activity-based working) office for a technology company at 53 State Street, Boston, MA 33rd Floor. A precedent study, test fits, site analysis, diagramming, thorough research of workplace and sustainable design, and a materials board for the space was created. The techniques used in this project were Revit, Enscape3D, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.

The client, Odyssey, is a sustainable travel technology company born from the belief that thoughtful travel can be a force for change. The design concept for this project is, “Sustainable design solutions that contribute to the company’s mission of minimizing waste and energy inform space planning, while varying textures and non-traditional partitions reflect our diverse planet and encourage employees to explore the office through a sensory journey.”

This design approach not only focused on locally sourced sustainable materials, but also prompted the exploration of studying and adapting passive energy systems through means of interior design within an existing space. Key elements in this project are non-traditional partitions including wooden screens and acoustic drapery to mitigate the amount of gypsum board in an effort to create a healthier workplace post-construction, and team huddle rooms designed with open clerestories in conjunction with raised flooring to apply passive air movement techniques within the space.

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53 State Street, Boston, MA 33rd Floor