Portal: Immersive Art Exhibition Design

Student: Kelly Ratner

School: Endicott College

Client Profile:

Driven by extensive exploration of innovation in art exhibitions, the client profile makes art more accessible to the public. To redefine daily cultural engagement to facilitate public interaction with art. The clients are the artists and people viewing art. 

Project Objectives:

Portal, located in NYC, explores how innovative approaches to immersive art exhibitions can enhance engagement and cultivate stronger bonds between artists and audiences. The goal is to improve accessibility to art in public spaces and to foster deeper connections with audiences through immersive experiences.

Design Concept and Solutions:

Inspired by Christian Norberg Schulz’s A Phenomenology of Architecture, reconstituting the ratio between Earth and Sky in three exhibition spaces: Romantic, Classical, and Cosmic. Utilizing Augmented Reality, Digital Mapping, and NFTs, the exhibitions merge new technologies with traditional art methods like Trompe L’oeil, which means ‘to deceive the eye.’ This integration creates socially cohesive spaces.

Design Challenges:

How architecture changes perception, the use of technology in audience engagement, art and aesthetics, sustainability, immersive experiences, and the intersection of art, culture, and ethics. Balancing the integration of advanced technologies with traditional art methods to maintain authenticity. Additionally, ensuring the design remained accessible and engaging to a diverse audience and innovative solutions.

Sustainable and Equitable Design Efforts:

The approach emphasized sustainability and social equity. By promoting the utilization of resources and technology, the project enhances art’s accessibility and a shared community purpose. The design encourages viewers to reassess their daily engagement with art, highlighting its integral role in our lives.

Degree Level:



New York, New York