Piece of Home

Student: Morgan Palm

School: UMASS Dartmouth

Tetris is an old retro arcade game made in 1984 that is still actively being played today. As Tetris builds upon each block to beat the game, Piece of Home is inspired to build a new life for the refugees coming to North Carolina by providing the fundamental needs of home, community, and resources. Piece of Home is taking inspiration from this to provide a healthy and safe environment for the incoming refugees by using color, texture, repetition, and pattern within their 50-meter home.

Here at Piece of Home, our mission is to redefine the vision of a refugee camp. While most camps are a holding place for individuals who have fled from their home country, our goal is to make the “refugee camp” feel more at home. Instead of living in churches or tents, Piece of Home wants to re-purpose storage containers and turn them into individual homes. We strive to build a community atmosphere that allows them to have pets, resources that give them the skills needed to succeed in their new country, and a co-op garden to support the community in becoming sustainable. Piece of Home intends to use solar panels and water containment to provide access to basic necessities.

Our clients are displaced from Puerto Rica due to political unrest/ corruption and the rising cost of living forcing families from their homes. We hope the incoming family, with a baby on the way, feels tranquility. We want to be pro-active in creating a safe family home.

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Wilmington, NC