P.L.A.Y. Corporate Office

Student: Alexandra Semenza

School: Endicott College

In the spring semester of 2021 our main studio project was to develop a corporate office that fits the needs and personality of a client of our choosing. The client needed to be a certified B Corporation and a business that we had an interest in. I decided to use P.L.A.Y. as my client because they are a pet supplies company that is focused on creating products that are good for your pet quality and environmentally, good for the pet owners, and good for the environment. They promote healthy, comfortable, and safe living with your pet and the environment around us. I am very passionate about the environment and my pup at home so this company was perfect for me!

Within my design you will see that I have incorporate two areas that are specific to pets that are brought into the office as well as environmentally friendly features throughout. My concept was a dog house so the design needed to incorporate comfortability as well as fun. One of the major challenges for this course was to incorporate areas for every generation currently in the work force and inclusive design for any employee or visitor that may have a disability. My favorite parts of the design is the work area that is a custom made structure that is shaped like a dog house and the biophilia wall in the central hub.

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Cambridge, MA