Greenery for all

Student: Eunsol Cho

School: Rhode Island School of Design

‘Greenery for all’ is an adaptive-reuse project of repurposing two stories of an existing structure. The structure is a RISD studio building, housing multiple departments. For this reason, it produces a large amount of material wastes every day, including hazard materials that are detrimental to the environment. In addition, Providence has the highest value of pounds of rejected recycling among the cities of Rhode Island, indicating something needs to be done.

Through making an environmental awareness training center in a non-profit education facility, the project aims to achieve two goals: 1. Make public aware about how severe environmental problem the city is facing with 2. A hub for reusing and recycling, which can be achieved either through mere sharing with others or turning useless scraps into beautiful artworks.

The main purpose of the facility is to foster social inclusion, awareness in the community. Design mission was to draw people’s attention into an education facility, and to provoke awareness on the environmental issue. To achieve this, reinforcing the visual and physical connection between two stories was the focus, through exhibition objects, transparency, and the contrast between nature and waste.

The Providence community would actively engage in the facility. Second-hand store on the ground floor is where second-hand items are traded and exhibited. Community room on the lower ground floor is another good place where the residents can gather and discuss the community issues. Extracurricular classes would be held in the workspaces, where public school students come to take classes taught by graduate students in RISD. Using the material scraps, they would turn them into artworks that would be exhibited at the façade of the building.

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169 Weybosset St #3830, Providence, RI 02903