Student: Molly K O'Donnell

School: University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Globally, the video gaming industry has been growing exponentially since its birth in the 60’s. Video game content has become an exceedingly popular area of the entertainment industry in recent years. Most gamers, pro or amateur, operate from at-home set-ups. The projected rate of continued industry growth poses a need for improved office-like workspaces for these individuals away from home. GEXP is a gaming studio facility designed to foster community while sustainably supporting the mental & physical wellbeing of its users.

Research and precedent studies led to a program packed with amenity spaces that’ll support a variety of target demographics while catering to WELL standards. Following a reoccurring trend within the gaming industry, the interior design is fully accessible to all. Each floor features high contrast, high durability, low impact materials that collectively contribute to the spaces motherboard-inspired identity, creating a visceral experience comparable to the latest video games. The local community can experience GEXP on multiple levels including the “Level Up” experiential gaming showroom on the first floor as well as the walk-in rental gaming spaces on the second floor.

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South Boston, MA