Dorothy's Ballroom / Night Club

Student: 203-892-8235

School: University Of Bridgeport

Due to the enlargement of government action and violent crimes against the LGBTQIA+ community, I created Dorothy’s Ballroom / Night Club, in tribute to lives the community lost over the years. Ballroom is a subculture that was created by queer Latino and African American people. Originating in New York in the 70s, it became a home for queer people of all ages. Ballroom is a gathering place to express your true self and to not be afraid of what others think. That is why I created this club, for queer representation and safety.

There is such a bad reputation surrounding the queer community involving sex and drugs, that I wanted to create spaces where the stigmas can be erased. There is a cluster of rooms called “Portal Rooms’ where guests can take psychedelics in a safe environment fully supervised by medical staff. Then there are the “Smushrooms”. These private rooms eliminate the acts of fornication in the public bathrooms that most queer clubs normalized. Additionally, they are stocked with protection and imagery of practicing safer sex. Additionally in clubs there are no places to eat, so I created a “Bodega” to have on hand snacks for guests needing energy to get them through the night.

Some design challenges I faced were not in the project itself, but others opinions. Not everyone loves a maximalist approach and I was questioned about the decisions I made. However, the final product I believe does the LGBTQIA+ community justice and embodies everything they stan for.

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Stockholm, Sweden. Ballroom Culture and queer discrimination is growing in Europe.