Corporate Design - Ocean Sonics

Student: Madison Demberg

School: Endicott College

Ocean Sonics is expanding its company to Boston, Massachusetts and need a new design for their two-story office space.  This company designs and manufacturers iclisten and digital hydrophones. They also offer equipment services, complete system designs, field training, and data processing and report writing. They would like the space to fit 60 occupants as well as allow access to any disability.  To solve this, I have created an open multi-use space for Ocean Sonics to grow. I have incorporated universal, sustainable, and generational design to allow an easily usable space for anyone to use.

For my concept, I decided on the Sei Whale. Whales represent emotion, inner truth, and creativity. Whales are peaceful creatures of the ocean. They are known for their solitude and communication with one another. Sei Whales prefer deep offshore waters and avoid polar and tropical waters as well as semi-enclosed bodies of water. Whales have rhythm and movement to them and are simple creatures with smooth lines and curves. With this concept, I have incorporated curved walls, branding moments, cool colors, movement, smooth lines to all help create a relaxing, inviting environment for anyone to work in. I have also incorporated sustainable, universal, and generational designs throughout the space.

With these incorporations, I have successfully created a multi-use office space that captures the essence of Ocean Sonics and their brand while also creating an environment accessible to anyone who enters no matter their age or disability that promotes a healthy working condition.

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Cambridge, MA